A broke burnt out personal trainer & 9-5er turned 7 figure online CEO. 

Hey! I'm Bri

A small town Montana girl, oldest of 4, and the black sheep of the family. I love hard, care a LOT, and I have always been, let's just say, different. 

I grew up in a STRICT Christian home. Ever since I was a young girl, I KNEW I was different and wanted more than the status quo.

I was always sneaking in my favorite rap & RnB CDs and hiding them under my bed, and then my mom would throw them away lol.

I would sneak out of the house to go party and I knew school wasn’t for me because I KNEW I wanted to own businesses and “build wealth” at age frickin’ 9!

During my D.A.R.E. speech in 5th grade while sharing our dream career, I said “I want to be an entrepreneur because I want to be the boss.”

Going to school never made sense to me and I knew I wanted MORE. I struggled for YEARS trying allll the things - MLM, real estate, waiting tables, personal training, desk jobs, loan officer. NONE of it fulfilled me or gave me the life I wanted. 

Until I found online fitness coaching. When I hired my first coach in July 2017, EVERYTHING changed for me. I hit six figures “overnight” on the outside, but it was the years of trying all the things, reading the books, and searching for more. I never quit. 

I wanted to SO many times. But I am so grateful I KEPT showing up. Kept investing in myself. Today, my life is COMPLETELY different. 

I am debt free (I had $25K on my credit cards when I invested in my first coach), financially free, work when and where I want, have DREAM clients, and live the life of my DREAMS! I want to help you do the same. So stay and hang out. See what I have and be open minded. This could be exactly what you are looking for.

For Women Looking To Ditch The Dead End Job & Go Full-Time With Their Passion For Fitness

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More About Me

I am here to literally change the world! I also see greatness in everyone.

I have heard from God since I was a little girl. He speaks to me in my dreams, my thoughts, and I have always heard clearly from Him. When I listen, I have divine power. When I am on a sales or coaching call, I ask God to speak through me and use me.

i love God

Maybe because I have always felt like the black sheep, the outcast, the “too much” person.

i love diversity

i'm a leader

Some Fun Facts

I am a natural redhead. I have freckles alllll over my body and red hair.

I’m aggressive AF when it comes to sports. I played soccer and I WILL take you out (lol)!

I love to dance and am pretty good at it!

I loved to sing and went to school to be a worship leader (until I got kicked out for partying lmao).

I am obsessed with raves and concerts.

I’m a natural extrovert and will bounce all over a room talking to everyone!

I love to have deeeeeeep talks about the meaning of life.

Nothing lights me up like traveling - whether it’s driving in my car with a wide open interstate or flying across the world - I LIVE for it!

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